Have you been appointed executor of an estate?

A Will appoints a person or persons to act as executor (also called trustee) of their estate when they die.  As an executor you are responsible for arranging the funeral, paying estate debts, calling in estate assets, administering the estate in accordance with the Will and if required, obtaining a grant of Probate (of the Will) from the High Court.

If someone dies without a Will, an administrator can be appointed by the Court and that person is responsible for dealing with the estate assets in accordance with the Administration Act.

Our expert team can assist with

  • Making applications for Probate
  • Making applications for Letters of Administration (when someone dies without a Will)
  • Advising executors and administrators
  • Estate administration
  • Making claims against estates
  • Challenging Wills

For more information about estate administration, please contact one of our expert team

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